You Must Invest In Your Health

We tend to look at caring for ourselves as a burden and not a necessary task. At the end of all of my lectures I generally inform the attendees that they should supplement and purchase better food items. Once they hear this they begin acting strange and irritated. It’s an anomaly that I have yet to figure out. People will pay their last dime to have the latest fashions or drive in the most aesthetically pleasing cars but when you mention investing in their health they clinch up. By definition to invest means to put to use money, by purchase or expenditure, in something that will result in a viable return be it in the form of interest, appreciation in value or tangible income. In this case we are looking for an appreciation in the value of our health. In order to achieve this appreciation in value we must make sound investments.

If you are involved in the stock market and your broker invest in stocks that have little to no value then it’s only a matter of time that you are left with nothing. If you invest in candy, pop, ice cream and potato chips then you will eventually have a dividend of ill-health. Investing in your health is a simple process to comprehend. If you invest in good foods and organic supplements you will have every honest expectation of living a long qualitative life. Your sound investment of the necessary nutrients will allow you to live without sicknesses and many of the common perils of people who are sick experience. One of the most common excuses used in why people won’t invest in their health is that they don’t have the money. People magically believe that products are too expensive when it comes to their health. These are the same people who spend seven dollars per day on a pack of cigarettes or two-hundred and fifty dollars on the latest pair of Nike gym shoes.

Here is the reality people. You will need to pay (or invest) in any undertaking that has a high worth. If you want to own a hot dog stand you will need to pay the state for an operator’s license. If you desire to have a real estate office downtown in your city you will need to pay rent for office space. None of these things are free.

The best solution that I’ve found to help people in getting past this hurdle is to view your optimal health maintenance as a monthly recurring bill. If you are willing to pay a credit card or a car note every month without questioning anyone then you must be willing to do the same for yourself. If you should fall ill and contract a terminal illness those other bills will become worthless in your mind. You would do anything to get back your health. Why not do that before something drastic happens? An ounce of prevention is better than ten pounds of remedy. Be the kind of person that would pay any amount of money to make sure that they are in great health.

Please do not confuse investing in your health with gimmicks and artificial products. When I say investing in your health I am speaking from the aspect of eating clean foods, consuming credible herbal or vitamin supplements and drinking the best water that will promote healthy cell growth. At the end of the day health is wealth.

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