Maple Syrup For Your Health

If you’ve never had real, pure maple syrup, now might be a good time to try some. Aside from the fact that it’s a special tasty treat, discovery of it’s health benefits and the fact that newly identified anti oxidant compounds in maple syrup may help to combat cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Maple syrup is the only commercial product in our diet that comes from the sap of a tree.

Very little was known about the nutritional value until recent studies at the University of Rhode Island identified many new compounds and 23 phenolics, some of which are found in blueberries and wine. Because this nutrient rich maple sap is concentrated by heat during the boiling process, it may have higher levels of these superior anti-oxidants. Nutrients are vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats. These are crucial for proper body functioning. All of these nutrients are present in pure organic maple syrup except proteins. There are significant amounts of the dietary mineral potassium, 35 mg. per Tbsp. Potassium rich foods are recommended for those suffering from hypertension, high blood pressure and may reduce the possibility of a stroke. Calcium is a major player as a dietary mineral with a lot of implications on health. The calcium content in syrup is also a biggie with a whopping 21mg.per Tbsp. That averages out to the same calcium content as whole milk. Maple Syrup is also a good source of thiamine, which is a water soluble vitamin (B-1). The most important function of this dietary mineral is energy production. It can’t be stored in the body, as a result it is essential to have a regular intake of food rich in thiamine.

The question asked the most is “How many calories are in pure maple?” One tablespoon contains 50 calories in comparison to sugar at 52 calories per Tbsp., honey at 64 calories per Tbsp. and corn syrup at 60 calories per Tbsp. Using maple syrup for your health on a daily basis is as easy as making maple latte’s by adding one or two tablespoons to your morning coffee, over cereal or hot oatmeal and sweetening fruit smoothies. Cooking with pure maple syrup is also very popular with chef’s and foodies alike, the nutrients are not diminished in the cooking process and the complex flavor chemistry compliments both sweet and savory dishes. If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then an ounce of certified organic maple syrup taken daily is one of the best preventions you can have with this flavorful super food.

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