3 Tips to Improve Your Health

When it comes to health many of us are all over the place and we don’t typically have a good grasp on our health. We depend wholeheartedly on our doctors and we do not take inventory on the things we should. This is normally created, if you lived the life style I lived, by the need for speed. Upon waking up we’re rushed into the shower, rushed into our cloths; eat breakfast on the run, all in the name of getting to work on time. Through this, we did not check to see what we consumed, mentally, physically, and spiritually; and we never ask “how do I improve my health?”

While it is easy to point the finger to everyone else, and blame corporate America for putting a time limit on everything we do; everything still comes back to us. So I intend with this brief article to tell you 3 easy things you can do to improve your health.

Number one; put down the sodas and the ridiculous juices. Drink water only. If that is too much of a stretch for you, start somewhere and slowly come down to where you are drinking soda and “high fructose” loaded juices once a week or so. The name of the game is to improve your health; you have to be in control to do this.

The second tip you can implement immediately is to begin taking mineral supplements. The United States Department of Agriculture has reported that the nutritional value of plant grown foods has gone down over the years (usda.gov). If the plant grown foods are decreasing (in nutritional value), this means we are left to synthetically made foods which already carry little to no nutritional value.

It then becomes vital to take in nutritional supplements to be sure you’re getting the 13 vitamins, 16 amino acids, our fatty acids, and our over 70 minerals and trace minerals we need in our foods daily.

The third and last tip to for you to improve your health is to avoid the land mines of health. Avoid wearing all black at midnight and run across an expressway, avoid partying excessively, shun drinking (alcohol) in excess, steer away from smoking cigarettes, avoid over exercising. Do things in moderation, take walks, eat solid meals, get more veggies in, and simply avoid over doing things; enjoy life. Smile, be cordial have the spirit of helping others; these things dramatically improve your mental health, which is part of improving your overall health.

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